Neoland is governed by its people. Become a citizen of the Neoland Republic and gain the right to vote in regular elections and referendums. Neoland will use blockchain technology in order to keep track of its currency, polls and citizenship.


Neoland is an ambitious experiment to challenge our current concepts of culture and borders. Neoland is built for digital nomads who are interested in exploring how the internet is chaning identity and governance.


To become a Neoland Citizen and to gain your Neoland Citizen ID Number, simply post a message on the Neoland's Neocities profile with your desired Citizen Username here. You should then be added to the citizens list shortly.


Once you've become a citizen, there will be no shortage of jobs for you to help develop the nation! Currently, these include...

  • Designing a Flag
  • Building the Republic Bank of Neoland
  • Writing the Neoland Code of Conduct


Titles and Roles will be awarded on a "First-Come-First-Served" basis. These roles will remain in place until the first major elections. If you would like to take on an unclaimed roll, post a message on Neoland's Neocities page.